October Clinic 3/10/15

If you are feeling stuck in a rut with your training, fed up of the push pull approach to riding, or ready to try something different please come to join us. This way of riding is equally suitable for competitive riders or amateurs just wanting to improve.

Catherine is a licensed instructor of the School of Legerete and focuses on bringing out the beauty in any horse, allowing riders to experience riding in true self carriage using classical, ethical training methods.

The clinic on Saturday includes:
An individual lesson with Catherine.

A dismounted group session with Fiona who is a centred riding instructor. She will be focusing this time on common rider issues using visualisation and stretching techniques.

A lecture focusing on how to decide on the best approach to basic training for different types of horses.

If you would like to bring your horse the day before or stay until Sunday for extra lessons overnight livery is available.


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