All lessons are from Catherine herself, and cost £40 for 45 minutes . Lessons will be in the 20 x 40m outdoor arena with training mirrors. Any new clients will have an assessment lesson. Catherine will watch you ride then ride herself before deciding on the best plan for your particular horse and putting it into practice for the remaining time. Flexions from the ground will be taught to all clients. What you will learn from Catherine is a system of training, and therefore works best with regular lessons, particularly at the beginning. You will be provided with ‘homework’, a few written reminders from the lesson which should help with your ongoing training at home. *****Gift Vouchers for lessons with Catherine at Whitesands are available at £40******


Our clinics are open to anybody and are the best way of learning, both from the saddle but also from the ground with structured lectures and dismounted bodywork sessions. We aim to make the clinics fun, informative and want you to go away with lots to think about! SATURDAY CLINICS Our Saturday clinics run on the third Saturday of the month. They offer participants a private lesson with Catherine each day and the chance to watch and learn from other peoples’ lessons. There will also be a dismounted lecture at lunchtime because it is important that we have a clear idea of why we are doing what we are doing when we ride our horses. Each day of the clinic there will be a dismounted group session with Fiona Scott Ennis. Fiona is a Centred riding instructor with thirty years of professional experience in different equestrian disciplines. She is a qualified aromatherapist, advanced remedial massage therapist and has a strong interest in the relationship of groundwork and riding, For example emotional freedom technique, yoga, Alexander technique, Pilates and Franklin methods can all help to make horse and rider more confident, secure and happy by helping the rider develop body awareness, balance and feel. Dismounted sessions will include Balance and bodywork Symmetry Breathing and relaxation Core stability Postural awareness Body listening The sessions are lively, fun, entertaining and non judgemental. They can also help you to apply anything new you have learned in the saddle with doing / feel games. Access to our heated studio gives you the opportunity to read some of our books or watch a dvd with a cup of coffee if watching the other lessons gets a bit chilly! We also have a lovely beach ride if anyone wants to make use of that while they are here. Boxes available during the day for £10 Saturday clinics are open to any rider, please contact Catherine on 07791445218 for details. Saturday clinic slot £55 Dismounted places (including lecture and dismounted session) £20 2 DAY CLINICS Our 2 day clinics have a similar format to the Saturday clinics with a private lesson and lecture each day. We offer livery and lorry parking for those who want to stay over. Cost of the 2 day clinic without livery is £110, livery including bedding and hay is an extra £20 per horse. Accommodation in the studio available at £10 per night Dismounted places ( including lecture and dismounted group session)  £20 per day

Catherine working with a young horse