First licensed Legerete instructor in the UK

Catherine Marshall has become the first person in the UK to qualify as an instructor of Philippe Karl’s school of Legerete. The teacher training course consists of 3 years training with Philippe himself including flat work, jumping and pedagogy after which students have to sit 4 exams – presenting your own horse, teaching your own student , teaching an unknown student and an oral exam on an unprepared topic.

The exams are judged by Philippe and as yet no one has passed all 4 on the tenth clinic. Catherine passed her teaching exams and the oral presentation but Yogi was a bit short of training given he had just come back into work after two years off with suspensory ligament problems. We then had 3 months to practice and represented in September, becoming a fully fledged instructor of the school. Legerete is an ethical, classical system of training.

It was a very proud moment, becoming an instructor of something I feel so passionate about. I love passing on everything I have learned and starting other people on this new journey with their horses, then watching them develop.

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